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    Man Yue Technology Holdings Limited (the “Company”) is a company whose shares have been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 1997. The core businesses of the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively called the “Group” or “Man Yue Tech”) are the manufacture and sale of high technology electronic components, including Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (“E-Caps”), Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors (“Polymer Caps”) and other innovative electronic components.

    The Group offers a full range of E-Caps products which satisfy the needs of global customers, consisting mainly of the world’s leading information technology, telecommunications, electrical and electronic brands. In 2006, the Group launched an innovative electronic component known as the Polymer Caps, and has advanced to be a major global vendor. The Group continued its pioneering course by unveiling a new type of capacitor in 2009 – Electric Double Layer Capacitors (“EDLC”), which acts as an energy storage device in electrical or electronic products.

    Over the years, the Group has fostered creativity and inventiveness among the well-trained and highly qualified research and development (“R&D”) professionals who have enabled the Group to develop new and groundbreaking products.

    As the key manufacturer of E-Caps and Polymer Caps, the Group owns the renowned SAMXON® and X-CON® brands, both are respected brands for their advanced technology and superior quality, backed by the Group’s strong R&D capabilities and established global network. All of the Group’s products comply with the European Union’s directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (“RoHS”) and the environmental protection requirements relevant and specific to different markets globally.

    Man Yue Tech is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates its state-of-the-art E-Caps manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, Wuxi and Jiangxi, with a total production capacity of over 1 billion pieces per month. The Group owns two aluminum foil factories located in Qingyuan and Yaan producing aluminum foil for its own consumption. The Group has distribution offices located in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, complemented by worldwide distribution channels.

    Man Yue Tech is fully committed to environmental sustainability for both its products and operations. All products are halogen free and complied with the requirements of RoHS. In addition, all production facilities of the Group conform to relevant local environmental regulations and the Group obtained relevant certification where appropriate. Not content to simply passively observe regulations, the Group is actively pursuing opportunities to directly contribute to the protection of environment. The Group has introduced and continued to develop solutions for enhancing energy efficiency, such as capacitors found in LED lamps and high-efficiency lighting and new storage devices for use in environmental friendly products. The Group remains steadfast in its support of environmental protection, consistent with its commitment to be a good corporate citizen.

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